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Training Around Injuries


  PUDZ POINT OF VIEW – TRAINING AROUND INJURIES Having trained for years and entered many competitions, I am often at risk of injury. The other week I got an injury wrestling where I sprained and tore ligaments in my right ankle. It happened as an accident. Accidents do happen and it’s likely you’ve injured Read More»

Fun In Training


Pudz point of view – Fun in Training   The odds are you’re more likely to stick to a fitness regime when you’re enjoying the exercise and training. One of the most underestimated elements of training is fun. Fun is the key, especially in amateur and recreational sports where money and competition aren’t the goals. Read More»

Food Diary

food-diary 2

PUDZ POINT OF VIEW – FOOD DIARY BLOG A lot of people ask about my eating habits, so I’ve decided to write about my personal “diet” as I document a one week food diary. Although I used the word “diet” it is not so much a diet but a healthy eating lifestyle that I have Read More»

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect


“Poor practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect!” For most of us, we have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect”.  Many years ago I heard an adaptation of this; “perfect practice makes perfect”. This is something I’ve followed to this day and try to relay to others when teaching. Whenever performing exercise, training Read More»

Early Morning Hydration


In this weeks blog I have decided to talk about water but more precisely the importance of water after a night’s sleep. Water is our life’s blood and for many of us we believe water to be the most essential part of our diet. It is our body’s greatest need to be able to operate Read More»