Early Morning Hydration


In this weeks blog I have decided to talk about water but more precisely the importance of water after a night’s sleep.
Water is our life’s blood and for many of us we believe water to be the most essential part of our diet. It is our body’s greatest need to be able to operate at its optimum, especially considering that as humans we are made up of around 70% of this life giving substance.
You may like to think of water in the body like oil in your car. It’s the oil that keeps your engine running smoothly and helps lubricate all the engine parts. Water does the same for your body. It is what has all our organs and internal body parts working at their optimal best. That’s is why it’s so important to make it a habit for all of us to start our day with water. To make sure we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to start the day right.
Drinking water first thing in the morning before consuming any food, tea or coffee has many benefits. It will not only awaken and naturally energize the body and mind but also kick start all your organs and metabolism into gear. It makes digestion of our breakfast faster, and easier on our body and digestive system.
We tell ourselves we haven’t done anything or exerted ourselves and therefore couldn’t be thirsty or dehydrated, right? Wrong. This train of thought is incorrect. The fact is, you have gone without hydration for 7-8 hours (maybe less for us that have kids) while sleeping and this is why it is so important to consume water before anything else. Therefore giving us another reason to drink water first thing in the morning. Although you were busy sleeping, resting and restoring, you were still losing water simply by breathing. As we open our lungs and breathe in oxygen and then exhale the C02, we lose water due to our lungs needing to be moistened by water.

If you are looking for healthy and vibrant skin then you can’t look past the importance of water consumption. We want to view our body as if it were a juicy, plump and vibrant grape compared to the flip side which is a wrinkly, dried up and far less vibrant sultana. This is the perfect way to see our body as it does not only affect our inner body but our outer body and skin cells as well.
If you are looking or thinking of a detox, one of which you may have seen on TV or at your local shop, please do yourself a favour and give it a miss. The best detox for our body is pure H20 coupled with a healthy and balanced diet plus good sleep. This is another reason to drink water first thing in the morning to hydrate and help our kidneys, liver and intestines process and push out any of the toxins that build up in our bodies. Our bodies have the perfect system we just need to give it the right tools to make sure they’re performing at their best.
To throw another analogy out there, you might like to think of your body as a beautifully clear and gushing river, flushing itself constantly with clean flowing water. Compare this to a dam which is dirty, still and stagnant, attracting bacteria and toxins. A bit scary when thought about in such a way, but true. So try and make your body the healthy flowing river than the stagnant dam and you’ll be doing yourself a massive favour. Plus you’ll be feeling a lot healthier in doing so.
When starting out I would suggest perhaps starting with 250ml and building yourself up to as much as 1ltr of water first thing in the morning, slowly sipping it down. You may have the feeling of being bloated but it will quickly and easily pass as your body adapts to this new process. Following this process should have you feeling alive, invigorated plus ready to start and blast through your day.
Make sure you continue to consume water throughout the day and into the night and in the words of the late and great Bruce Lee “Be water my friend!”

Keep fighting fit!