The thing I love about training at Hop Skip Punch is that not only do I get a better work out than basically anywhere I have trained before, I am actually learning at the same time. Learning new movements and techniques is really important to me and keeps it interesting every training session. Being trained by someone who has so much experience and actually practices what he preaches is a recipe for success! Without a doubt training with Nick is the best and the most rewarding workouts I have ever done.

Jacob Fairclough

Nick is a passionate, enthusiastic and talented trainer with years of experience in mixed martial arts and fitness. His skill and knowledge of technique and fitness ensure a workout that is heart-pumping, sweaty and lots of fun. A variety of exercises will ensure you learn how to box effectively while increasing your fitness and losing weight. I would highly recommend hop.skip.punch! to anyone looking to increase their fitness whilst having fun, with an instructor that will motivate you to pursue your goals even when workouts get tough!

Katherine Mandalidis