Fun In Training


Pudz point of view – Fun in Training


The odds are you’re more likely to stick to a fitness regime when you’re enjoying the exercise and training. One of the most underestimated elements of training is fun. Fun is the key, especially in amateur and recreational sports where money and competition aren’t the goals.

I always hear people say they get bored of particular training e.g. conventional weights or treadmill running. If training is becoming mundane or boring, it’s time for something new or giving your current training a creative twist. The key is to introduce some variety. Find a friend/workout buddy with similar goals and interests. Find a trainer/instructor with a personality that makes exercising fun and still deliver results.

When the fun stops, so does the motivation. When the motivation stops so does the desire to train. Once you stop enjoying the training your work rate will drop off and suddenly the progress you worked so hard to achieve will plateau. This escalates to having days off and missing training sessions. This might lead to giving up all together and being back on the couch. Not to mention the possibility of still paying costly gym fees. To avoid this happening, you must review your training and look for ways to reignite your passion. Fun and passion is a great recipe to help you achieve results and fast track your fitness goals.

We all start exercising with a goal and when achieved this also serves as motivation. That’s not to say you can’t have fun along the way achieving those goals. This could mean choosing a particular team or individual sport or type of exercise you have an interest in e.g. “cardio boxing”, netball, soccer, touch football, surfing or a certain fitness group. For myself, my passion lies in martial arts. When I work out, whether it’s boxing, wrestling or jui jitsu the hard work is always disguised in the fun and achievement of the training. I also enjoy running bush trails, mountain biking and going through vigorous strength and conditioning circuits.

The key for me is change.  I constantly vary my exercises and combine them with doing things I love and enjoy. The more exercises you learn the more creative you become. This way you’re always keeping the body and mind guessing. We all have our favourite workouts but like our favourite movie, it would become boring and predictable if we watched it every day.

Find the fun in setting new personal bests. If you’re competitive then give your training purpose by setting achievable goals. However be careful not to set the bar too high as it’s easy to become discouraged and give up. Look to better yourself at every training session with steady progress, as the sense of achievement is always uplifting and motivating.

A couple of suggestions include… If you’re a jogger then mix it up with some sprints or a stair run. Look for different environments to run, such as bush trails or beaches. For a weight lifter, mix it up by doing some supersets or lifting to a set time rather than rep count. Try interval training and constantly mix it up with different exercises and round times. Try competing in an adventure race or entering in an event such as Warrior Dash or
Tough Mudder. These are the things that I do to keep things interesting and fun.

It’s the constant excitement, learning and achievement, plus the camaraderie of training partners helping each other out that has kept me training for years. The result of getting in shape and staying fit is the cherry on top!

Keep fighting fit